What a great talk with Tom founder of @rehabscience about physical therapy, movement, taking action and #chokeholds. Ok, we did not talk about chokeholds that much, but there was a hilarious part where taken out of context it was pretty timeless 😂

All joking aside if we had more guys and girls like Tom in this world (no matter what their profession) the world would be a much gentler and nicer place!

Get the full audio version of the podcast (coming tomorrow) at “The G Spot with David Grant” and be ready for our next one. We will set a date to talk about “Chronic Pain” and how we have different but similar approaches to get people and KEEP people pain-free.


** I am SOOOOO SORRY about the audio quality. I had my Instagram Live going at the same time. It usually causes no problem at all, so I am baffled why it did this time. 

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